Say: Part 2

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Devotional Thought:

Love is at the core of Christianity and who God is.


In 1 John 4:7-21 speaks on how God is love. But John goes further than to talk about God. He also speaks to believers and speaks on the love we must show to everyone else. 


Sometimes we tend not to want to show love to others or it can be hard for us. For example, if someone hurt us in our past, we tend not to want to show that person love. We want to hold whatever they did against them forever and not show them love. I have been there before. But looking at 1 John, especially verse 7, if we claim to know God we must show love to everyone. 


The answer as to why we must show love can be found in the whole passage of 1 John 4:7-21. We must show love to everyone, just as God did to us by sending his Son for us. 



1.How can you show love to someone in your family today? 

2.How can you show love to God? 

3.Think about someone you don’t like right now, and find a way to show love.