growth track

The Growth Track is designed to introduce you to Capital City Christian Church, and to get you moving toward your next step spiritually. 

Part 1 is CONNECT:

Connect is a two week class where you will meet some of our staff, hear the story of our Church, and share your story with others who are new to Capital City. Connect is the perfect first step to help you connect to the Church community here. Connect happens the first two Sundays of each month. 

To sign up for our Growth Track Click HERE!

Part 2 is DISCOVERY:

Discovery is a five week class where you will discover our values as a Church community, and how we live those values out here at Capital City. Discovery meets every Sunday and you can jump in at anytime.

Part 3 is GROUP LIFE:

Group life is where we connect with others and continue the process of spiritual formation. We have all kinds of groups that meet all throughout the week. To sign up for groups click HERE!