Capital City Christian Church Child Care Center

Our desire is to provide a relaxed, safe, and happy environment for your child. Our goal is to help your child develop a good self-image and genuine respect for others in a Christian atmosphere.

Opportunities are also provided for learning and functioning happily with others his/her own age.

The children are encouraged to develop responsibility and a desire to care for others. We believe our school is a happy place where the children can feel truly accepted and loved, and we are eager to help your child find happiness here.

Capital City Christian Church Child Care Center was started as a service to our church family and to the community of Jefferson City in 1975. We began with 2 teachers and 5 children. We now employ 6 teachers, a cook and 1 teacher's aide. Our enrollment is 50 preschoolers. Since 1975 we have graduated over 800 students. We enroll an additional 50 children in our summer program.

Our goals have not changed throughout the years. We still want to provide quality care in a Christian atmosphere.

Spiritual development

Teaching is Bible-based and nondenominational.  

We want the child to know:

that God created the world,

that Jesus is God's Son,

that Jesus died on the cross for each of us,

that Jesus is now preparing Heaven for us, and

that God loves him/her.

We also believe that in order to be a complete person, a child needs to know he/she is a spiritual being created by God and born to bring God glory in all he/she does. This goal will be taught through scripures, Bible stories, prayers, Christian music, and daily conversations where Jesus and God are discussed.

Preschool readiness

We hope to help children learn many things, including:

the alphabet, counting, how to write his / her name, nursery

rhymes, good table manners, sharing, group participation, 

colors and shapes, use of scissors and glue and clay, 

sportsmanship, good health habits, crafts, and family and

community relationships.

Daily Schedule

Capital City Christian Church Child Care Center's

hours of operation are 7:00 am - 5:30 pm.

7:00 Free Time

8:45 Clean Up

9:00 Snack and Bathroom

9:30 Class Time

11:00 Free Play

11:30 Clean Up

11:45 Lunch

12:30 Bathroom / Story Time

12:45 Nap Time

2:30 Wake Up / Bathroom

2:45 Snack

3:15 Free Play

4:45 Clean Play Areas

5:00 Combined Activities

5:30 Center Closed

Forms and Applications

Our Center offers day care year round for children who are 2 years old (and potty-trained), through 5 years old.

We offer classes for 2 yrs olds, 3 - 4 yr olds and three Pre-K classes.

During the summer months, we also provide a program for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

Below is a list of forms available online for the

Child Care Center. Just click on the forms below:  




Please click HERE to apply for a position as a

Capital City Christian Church Child Care Center Staff Member.