Say: Part 1

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Devotional Thoughts:

2 Corinthians 7:10


When we have true repentance, it is a product of Godly grief. Take a moment to think about just one instance from the past week on how you acted out of character of Christ. I know I can name at least a few. Then reflect on how you felt after you action. Were you sorrowful or did you just brush it off? 


But realize how it should have produced grief. We mess up every day. We are not perfect. And we will never be sinless. But thankfully, Christ is. And when we truly look at Christ, we can be reminded of how he paid the price for us. Let us also remember how we fall everyday and we need to change everyday. Whether it may be a small change or a drastic one, we must repent and have a godly grief behind it. If we are not truly sorrowful for our bad actions, we cannot truly repent for it. 


When we truly have the Godly grief behind our repentance, we will not look the world or care for the approval of it. If we are to look at the world’s approval and have worldly grief, all it brings is death. 


Questions to reflect on: 

1. Who can I say sorry to this week, other than to God? 

2. If I have not felt grief from my actions, why haven’t I? Do I truly understand what my actions did?