ARE YOU READY ... to travel back in time to the first century and experience a live reenactment of the people, places and circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ? As you travel from the City of Nazareth to the town of Bethlehem, you will encounter Roman guards, wise men, angels and shepherds tending their sheep. Witness the sights and sounds of the town of Bethlehem, including the inn, stable and little babe lying in the manger.

This year, Capital City is excited to host its first drive-thru Journey to Bethlehem: 

Thursday, December 9  --  6-8 pm
Friday, December 10  --  6-10 pm
Saturday, December 11 -- 5-10 pm

         Admission is free and does not require reservations.

* The car que for Journey will begin at Helias High School's parking lot
* Please access Helias' parking lot from the intersection of Jefferson St. and Swifts Hwy
* Vehicles will be lined up and admitted in the order they arrive
* There will be NO PARKING on Swifts Hwy or in the church parking lot

For more information, please call the church office (573) 635-3656.